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Most iPods, besides their music features, offer good quality video capabilities it%u2019s one of the reasons they are one of the most versatile gadgets available on the market. All of us enjoy watching movies to unwind and relax, why not convert your very own DVDs to the iPod format and view them anytime, wherever you are?

Transferring your DVD movies to perform in your iPhone, Touch and iPod or Nano could be simple, or in some cases, time-consuming and hard. There are several iPod converters available, but only some are worth purchasing: some are extremely expensive, some are difficult to work with, and lots of aren%u2019t reliable (they screw up sound and picture, or they can%u2019t convert new movies). A great iPod converter must match the following conditions:

%u2022User-friendly interface %u2013 this system must be user friendly.

%u2022Fast encoding %u2013 this program must be able to encode fast so the entire process will probably be finished fast.

%u2022Versatile %u2013 the Converter should be able to output video for many iPod Video formats: Classic, Nano and Touch and iPhone.

%u2022Quality %u2013 the converted movie must offer excellent sound and picture quality.

%u2022Error Processing %u2013 the program must be able fix any things that appear in the converting process.

%u2022Features %u2013 this software will need to have popular options implemented, for example picture quality, subtitles, different languages, etc.

In case the program includes a tutorial/help section the location where the user can learn how to make the most of extra features, It%u2019s also helpful. Another significant thing regarding conversion from your DVD to a iPod is the opportunity to zoom from widescreen to full screen. A good converter ought to have this feature implemented to be able to allow for a clean transition.

This software should allow inexperienced as well as advanced users an adequate experience. For novice users, a good converter should have an alternative for automatically adjusting settings to have the best results. For advanced users, there has to be the ability to manually adjust numerous types of parameters. An excellent iPod converter should likewise allow converting from both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.

Excellent iPod converters can be obtained for $40.00, and they%u2019ll do everything, and sometimes more, than a few of the more costly programs. You may go and check out the inexpensive route, using several free programs in combination (Videora, DVDShrink and Handbrake, etc.), but I found that the free programs involved a huge number of steps, produced mixed results, and wouldn%u2019t convert many new DVD movies (those produced within the last four years). Don%u2019t misunderstand me, I%u2019m a thrifty guy, and if there%u2019s a low priced technique of doing things, I%u2018m usually on-board, but in this instance, the hassle just wasn%u2019t worth it. The rewards provided by an excellent converting program far outweighed the experimentation hassles I discovered using outdated free programs.

Converting your DVD movies to perform on an iPod allows one to watch their favorite movies and T.V. programs while on the bus or subway, on airplanes or long drives, or whenever you will have a few free moments. DVD conversion software is getting a lot more popular, while they facilitate the perfect transition through the %u2018big screen%u2019 towards the %u2018little screen%u2019.