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Anxiety about the dark also known as Nyctophobia is usual among children who often fear that something catastrophic may occur directly to them inside the night. In the darkness, we can%u2019t see very well, and for a young child, particularly one with a healthy imagination, this is very frightening. A pervading sense can build that something sinister is simply away from sight and arm%u2019s reach waiting for its moment to strike.

As a young child, I used to suffer from this phobia, because of which my mother employed to leave the landing light on for me to provide a calming relief from the darkness. My parents also utilized to ask me questions to make me elaborate on my fears. As a result, they showed concern and sympathy, while at the same time which makes it really clear that they were not afraid. In this manner, parents may be of great use to their children.

The fear lessened while i grew older, then went away altogether. Most children because they mature along with the world around them becomes more less and logical fantastic, arrived at realise they are quite safe inside the darkness as well as their fears were irrational.

Some adults can suffer from this fear %u2013 particularly those who suffer from nightmares or have traumatic memories. Although gradual exposure to darkness can be helpful to nyctophobics, the handling of nightmares and bad memories is liable to require specialist help.

Concern with death or Thantophobia is a reasonably natural phenomenon. None of us know what may happen to us once we die. But being morbidly scared of death is unhealthy and detrimental to our lives.

If an individual fears death excessively, it might prevent them from having the capacity to enjoy life. Often related to hypochondria, morbid death fear may cause unnecessary worry and anxiety and may prevent the sufferer from being able to exist fully.

To a point the fear of death diminishes whenever we view it in the natural context %u2013 a dying person flanked by loving loved ones. However nearly all of our images of death nowadays happen to be distorted by our culture%u2019s preoccupation with unnatural violent death: daily news stories of suicide, shootings and abductions bombings. Brutally violent computer and films games. Also scare mongering news stories regarding types of food once perceived to become healthy, however putting you at death%u2019s door.

All this negative focus results in unhealthy consequences. An exaggerated concern with dying and phobias of growing old results in a reluctance to generate a will or make any plans for those we love whom we realize will outlive us and a general ignorance of normal end of life options.