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Robots Getting Smarter Plan To Enter Politics

Robotic IQ is apparently about the up tick.

Now, we read, the accomplished mechanical wonders can drive, as long there%u2019s not very much to steer around, be watchful lifeguards, and mimic human behavior in games. And how far a leap could it be from video gaming to political shenanigans?

So, any number of the brainy bots have already been discussing how they might enter precisely what is, legendarily, one of the world%u2019s least demanding occupations in terms of intellect: politics.

One robot revealed his political ambitions, saying, %u201CI%u2019ve been listening to Senators and Members of the property of Representatives, and that i seem to have significantly more information than many of them in my database.%u201D

Along with a particularly ambitious bot noted, %u201CI haven%u2019t heard President Bush say something that%u2019s beyond my current chipset, except one word my dictionary doesn%u2019t recognize. He%u2019s convinced me that we could conduct the Presidency nearly as a no brainer.%u201D

In a recent survey, Americans were asked, %u201CWhat do you think would do a more satisfactory job of running the nation, elected officials of your caliber we currently have or highly intelligent robots? %u201D

A considerable majority exclaimed, %u201CBring on the bots.%u201D

Another question was, %u201CYou know that their intelligence is artificial? %u201D

The typical response was that many people preferred it to what they perceive since the widespread absence of intelligence among the current rafter of politicos.