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Looking for a job can be difficult enough, but when you finally see the ‘job of the lifetime’ %u2013 just consider that in case the job sounds too good to be true %u2013 quite likely, it really is!

Imagine the job of “Designer – Developer/Applications/IT” by using a tax-free salary of $120K for six months work.

Perks including Paid Overtime at $300 each hour, paid first-class accommodation, $3,000.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance for each intercontinental trip, free comprehensive healthcare, two weeks of paid vacation, a no cost laptop computer and free transportation/vehicle.

WOW! !! %u2013 Where will i register? ??

This is among the numerous recent postings on %u2013 other jobs with the same salary and benefits are available %u2013 including:

* Project Manager – Project/Infrastructure/IT

* Analyst – Systems/Support/IT

* Technical Advisor – Computer/Security/IT

* Analyst – Data Manager/IT/

Sometimes the scams are easy to spot %u2013 in other cases it could be more challenging. Very often the task job and titles descriptions are frequently stolen off their legitimate employment sites.

You just might enter a snippet in the job description in double-quotes and find the very first source using your favorite internet search engine.

For instance, the job I mentioned earlier contained the words “(C , Java, PHP and HTML Visual Basic)” within the job description.

Search for this in Google (for example the double-quotes) and you%u2019ll quickly discover how often this exact string has been used in scam-related job postings.

These companies (more likely individuals) have basically no goal of hiring you %u2013 they are simply after the “Administration Fee” you should send in advance.

This is an illustration of some terms on the recent posting on

You will be prone to make charges around USD$950.00 to the procurement of your working and residential permit documents which covers:

1, Administrative charges:

2, Diplomatic Courier Charges:

3, Working Permit charges:

4, Residential Permit charges:

5, Hard copies of your terms:

They promise reimbursement of travel and fees expenses to attend the job interview, but only AFTER you%u2019ve shown up for the position and discovered they never existed!

In addition to money delivered to the fraudsters ahead of time — you may be suckered in for thousands, airfare and hotel of dollars in other expenses.

Some obvious clues that should send up red warning flags:

* The job is in Nigeria, or posted for a Nigerian company. In many cases the tasks are IT-related in companies associated with oil, banking or mining.

* The contact is utilizing as well as other free email service. Legitimate offers generally result from legitimate companies with real contact information.

* The phone number is actually a fake. Don%u2019t even make an effort to call. In most cases, if the number even works whatsoever, it leads to a cell phone in Nigeria or even a similar country. Look into the country code before calling and see whether it matches the company%u2019s address (when they even provide one).

* Stay away from requests for detailed private information, say for example a copy of the passport, birth certificate, SSN card and so on. Should they can’t sucker yourself on the %u2018application fee%u2019 %u2013 they might just sell or make use of identity instead, this trick is commonly used to help make the applying more %u2018real%u2019 but.

* Frequently, there will be many errors in the references, spelling or grammar. This is another example:

“You will be to receive hard copies of your contract agreement and terms and also your working and residential permit altogether, it will probably be delivered through Diplomatic Courier Services(DHL) for your various designated addresses respectively.”

Execute a Google search for “Diplomatic Courier Services(DHL)” and you will definitely again see many listings discussing or exposing the scam.

There are many variations to the new type of scam. Currently, IT professionals seem to be the key target. and Monster’s country-specific sites are getting to be the target of these scamsters.

Although Monster does remove bogus job postings fairly quickly, the method to complain on them is tough and time-consuming.

In numerous online job boards, there is not any ‘filtering’ or human review process for job postings — otherwise such fraudulent listings can be have to be considerably more difficult. Many job boards also allow free postings for advertisers — making them more attractive for scammers.

The biggest thing to consider is the fact few legitimate employers ask for fees of any kind up-front %u2013 the truth is, many employers will cover your travel expenses in advance.

Don%u2019t allow the job of your dreams turn into a financial nightmare %u2013 be aware when confronted with any company you may not easily identify or verify. Best of luck on the job search!

Beware of the three methods for getting fooled into giving up your money through seemingly innocent money-making schemes. Much more in these locations where the danger is greater including facing a credit card, accounts along with other activities which involve sending or receiving money online, even though scams are around it and us may be found in every part of life.

The Bank/Charge Card Email Scam:

If you achieve an e-mail asking you to sign up to the checking account or visa or mastercard from the email since your privacy is under danger or simply to obtain a free of charge gift or something that is: BEWARE! Tend not to sign-up through the internet address provided in the email. When the email does make you anxious, go to the bank or charge card site while using address you already know already or through searching search engines like google.

How Exactly Does This Scam Work?

The senders of your email understand that only a very few will sign-up but that may be all they need. When you joined to the bogus internet address, they got your user and password. Now it is time to allow them to party!

The Missing Millionaire Scam:

When you get an email praoclaiming that they represent a dead or missing former ruler, high-ranking official or businessman from an African, Gulf or even Russian: BEWARE! They offer you a chance to earn anything between anyone to 5 percent of ten to fifty million. And also for your co-operation only. Don’t get sucked into this, for though they talk about supplying you with money, they may receive cash and from your account.

How Can This Scam Work?

As a way to transfer your money and they will make use of that to transfer a tiny amount, they will ask you for your personal bank details. Now, when you believe in them, they are going to ask you for more personal and secure details simply because they “need” that to transfer the whole sum inside and out of your respective account. They will transfer every one of the money out from your account. It is exactly what they won’t let you know: theirs and yours.

The Generate Income Fast Scam:

Here is the most innocent of your lot, but that may be also why this is the most dangerous. Should you only sign up and utilize their system, you will mint money, these are so-called companies that advertise that. Please do not fall for such schemes. They may compensate you a few bucks but then once trust is created, they will likely fleece your banking account. Do not forget that quick money scams are definitely the fastest and surest way to lose all your money!


Anything you do online, remember that the internet is not really a safe and secure place. Treat it just like you would treat some other business enterprise and convey increase your guard. In the event you play it safe and check out companies before committing, it is possible to protect yourself against losing money to crooks.

Internet casinos scams are rampant especially since some of the more prominent establishments have selected to drag out from the U.S. market despite the fact that there is not any specific law stating it really is illegal to gamble on line. Really the only law which is passed within the states made it illegal for banking istitutions to knowingly allow gambling transactions on line unless it really is to the horse races or state lotteries. These were given a pass for this law likely simply because that have a great deal of pull with Washington. With regards to the horses, they contributed to the Senator’s who pushed the UIGEA (unlawful internet gambling enforcement act) through in the last day from the session while riding over a homeland security bill that was certain to pass.

It had been enough together with a few arrests of casino owners who have been taken into custody while changing planes from the states to push many reputable internet casinos from the picture which obviously made room for a few very unscrupulous gaming sites to go in. This led to only making matters worse for players if that was ever truly the concern of senators who were behind the UIGEA. It is tough to tell just what was their reasoning behind pushing legislation unless of course it had been about the money they weren’t arriving at tax but so far they have stood on almost everything else from money laundering to supporting terrorist activities to playing the moral card but that latter only puts people who play it inside a hypocrytical light due to exceptions allowing horse betting and lotteries.

You may still find however a good amount of reputable online casinos designed for players inside the states although that number is greatly decreased if you are living at one of the eleven states which Microgaming powered casinos will not be able to serve. This a plan adopted by the parent software company who provide the games to a lot of the best internet casinos on earth. Certainly these casinos also have the ideal standing of all online gaming and therefore, to lose their whole network needs a lot from the number of quality choices for those surviving in one of these eleven states: Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon and Illinois South Dakota, Washington, New York City, New Wisconsin and Jersey.

Although those living within the eleven banned states are most likely to fall victim to unscrupulous online casinos as well as the scams they run, they may be not necessarily the only ones in danger. Look for online casinos listed at trusted gambling guides and casino portals for your best chance at avoiding trouble since you add an added entity in to the recipe which includes more clout together with the casino than anybody else, providing this can be a reputable casino portal which cares about its readers and where they send them. Make sure that gambling guide has contact information that may be working in order to contact them for those who have trouble because they may have far more clout with all the casino than any one player mainly because they represent so many players both present and future.